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Four Great Reasons Why The Hit Zone Baseball Batting Tee
Is The Superior Training Tool For Baseball, Softball, & Tee Ball!

Advanced training in baseball uses a baseball batting tee as it's main tool.
There are four main ways Hit Zone air powered tee elevates advanced training,
and because of these four reasons, I have a competitive edge over other
high-level instructors.

1) Hitters are best when making contact with the back of the ball and
finishing through the bottom of the ball, achieving the backspin that is
most desired for distance/linedrives....The tee gets in the way of this
optimum and leads to players hitting the top of the ball in order to avoid
hitting the tee. This leads to top spin and pulling off the ball....No
matter what the material used, hitters will avoid hitting it.

The Hit Zone baseball/softball air tee has the ball sitting on a cushion of air.
No problems with hitting the tee. The hitter can focus on getting top spin,
therefore, perfect practice made perfect.

2) Hitters are best when they have their head down, eyes on the ball, through
the entire swing. Former teammate Paul Molitor's main concern about the
tee was that hitters get used to where the ball is. They swing but lift
off the ball before contact and the eyes are forward before contact, even
though their results are the same. In the game, the results will be far
from ideal due to their practice results being misleading. With the Hit
Zone practice tee, if a player takes his/her eyes off the ball early, they
will most often get feedback they are hitting incorrectly.

The Hit Zone air powered baseball batting tee forces the hitters to maintain
eye contact with the ball the entire time, therefore, perfect practice made perfect.

3) Batting coaches use tees every day, and for the above reasons and more,
they break down rapidly adding more costs every year for a program.

With the Hit Zone practice tee, coaches/organizations will not have to get new units
all the time, therefore, saving a lot of money. A replacement sleeve is only $10!

4) Batting coaches use tees in camps to help hitters try and perfect their
swings. If they want more stations at one time, they need to hire more
coaches for the camps to keep hitters engaged in the drill (due to the
nature of the tee feeling too basic for most hitters and they get bored

With the Hit Zone air tee, coaches can add many new players without adding new
coaches because Hit Zone keeps the hitters engaged. This leads to BOTH
more money coming in and less money going out for the instructor.

These are the reasons why I use the Hit Zone with my students and why I
recommend the Hit Zone to other coaches!

inventor of hit zone tee

Jamie Ogden
Former Pro Player
Hitting Instructor

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