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Air Powered Batting Tee!

Baseball Practice Is Fun Again
With Hit Zone Air Tee!

The Hit Zone air powered practice tee is an incredible
training tool for baseball & Tee ball. Kids feel they
"graduated" from the tee after Tee ball, yet even the
pros practice their swing on a tee daily.

The new tee-less design eliminates the anxiety a lot
of players have when it comes to hitting on a traditional
tee. They no longer have to worry about hitting the tee
and knocking it over.

Our system utilizes a special sleeve on which the ball
hovers above. If you hit the sleeve - no big deal - your
bat swings right through it and the sleeve pops right
back up! You can also practice solo, as you do not
need a pitcher.

The Hit Zone air powered batting tee is fun and
challenging! The use of different types of balls and
changing the way you put the ball on the Hit Zone
practice tee results in giving the batter a number of
different looks. We have coaches who use colored
"jump house" balls on the Hit Zone air tee and they
are able to put 2 different colors on at once. They
then tell the batter to hit one of the 2 colors. It's a
great drill to keep the player focused.

And best of all - the Hit Zone tee is fun!

We've Perfected A Hit Zone That Is Sure To Be A Hit With Your Player!

We now include a dozen balls with your order for FREE!

Includes FREE Baseball Kit
Use A Real Baseball!
Hit Zone Jr

Model B-500

A great choice for kids 3-8

Hit Zone Standard

Model HZ-1B

A great all around unit for
younger players up to adults

Hit Zone Deluxe
Model B3-HZBV

Perfect for teams,
centers, & the dedicated player

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Benefits Of The Hit Zone
Air Suspension Tee:
hitzone HZ-1B air tee
Model HZ-1B
s The Hit Zone air tee makes practice fun again!
s The ball is suspended in air - no worries about hitting the tee!
s Swing right through the sleeve, you'll hardly notice it's there!
s You can practice by yourself - No one has to pitch balls to you!
s Light weight and compact - making it easy to bring everywhere.
s Spinning and movement of ball replicate a real live pitch.

The Hit Zone tee is a revolutionary invention that will help hitters of all ages create
and maintain good swing habits. I highly recommend it!

Raul Ibanez - Pro Baseball Slugger

"Good to see Jamie giving back to the youth and the great game of baseball.
In a world of gimmicks and half thought out ideas, Jamie has captured something
so simple and made it challenging. His product and workshops are something that
is taught and worked on in my house hold. My son Elijah works hard at his game and
has increased his skills with the Hit Zone. Great teammate, great baseball mind."

Frankie Rodriguez
Former Pro Baseball Pitcher

"I can not thank you enough for what the Hit Zone has done and is doing for
my two high school boys and my traveling team. The look in the players
eyes says it all. They are being challenged and having fun at the same
time. The level of concentration is raised along with the players eye hand
coordination. The Hit-Zone is a great developmental hitting tool for all ages. Players
just flock to it as soon as we turn it on.

The evolution of the tee to hitting stick to the amazing Hit Zone is fantastic.
There is no question on the importance of hitting off a tee. Along came the
hitting stick which freed coaches with the use of a movable tee. Now with the Hit-Zone,
tee work has taken a huge leap forward in player development. The Hit-Zone may
in fact be so innovative that the way we approach and look at our training and
warm-ups most certainly will change.

Look out players and coaches - it's time to have fun again!"

Don Gaylord - Eagan Traveling Baseball Coach

"When it comes to training elite level athletes, the Hit Zone air tee is the most sport
specific piece of equipment in its class and the only one I recommend to my athletes!"

Dr. David R. Holmes

"Next Level Baseball coaching loves the Hit Zone. There is no better tool
to help players develop their eye hand coordination. No matter the age --- from our 7
year olds to our college players --- everyone thinks the Hit Zone is great!"

Brian Kazan - Owner of Next Level Basebal

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