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Tennis Hit Zone Q&A with tennis teaching pro Christopher Pucci

1. As an owner/ coach, what is your initial response to the Hit Zone?

I thought it is was fabulous teaching tool.

2. What is your player's initial response to the Hit Zone?

Everyone thinks it is "cool".

3. Does the Hit Zone increase hand/eye coordination?

Absolutely, the ball still has some movement to it so the player needs to coordinate the swing
to go through the ball.

4. Does the Hit Zone increase concentration?

I have found, especially in children aged 2.5 - 6 that they tend to focus on the ball better since it is "floating"
for them instead of being tossed to them. The children have more success in hitting the "floating" ball and
what to do it again. Children will lose interest quickly if they do not feel they are being successful.

5. Would you include the Hit Zone as part of your daily practice?

We include the Hit Zone into every session.

6. Would you recommend the Hit Zone to other coaches, players, academies?

Most definitely.

7. How do you find operating the Hit Zone?

Very simple

8. Are the operating instructions easy to follow?

Very Simple.

9. Do you recommend Hit Zone for any age player?

Any age, yes. I think the level of the player would eventually outgrow the Hit Zone. Hit Zone
removes one of the two timing elements to a swing. The up-down movement of the ball is still
somewhat there but the moving towards/away movement is not provided by Hit Zone since the
ball is staying in one location.

"I find Hit Zone to be a great product and have recommended it to other coaches. We use it
regularly within our Teddy Tennis Program. I also use in with my beginner to novice/intermediate
level players. Hit Zone is great to use if you are focusing on technique or line-up to the contact point.

The Hit Zone is by far the best teaching aid to help a player develop proper stances, spatial
awareness to the contact point, and proper swing paths. Our Teddy Tennis Program uses the Hit Zone
daily. The children, aged 2 ½ - 6, remain focused on the ball and refer to the Hit Zone as the
"Magic Machine". The children and the Coaches just love using the Hit Zone. Having the ball
"floating" lets a player swing on their terms, when they are ready, and never having to rush a
swing. This enables proper technique to develop much more quickly. Hit Zone is for any age player
looking for a fun way to practice hitting a tennis ball. I highly recommend it!"

Christopher Pucci
USPTA, PTR Certified Tennis Professional
General Manager of the Tri-State Teddy Tennis Franchise
CourtSense Coach, Tenafly, NJ

Christopher Pucci
- USPTA, PTR Certified Tennis Professional
- General Manager of the Tri-State Teddy Tennis Franchise
- CourtSense Coach, Tenafly, NJ
- Over 25 years' experience in developing athletes of all ages to reach their full potential
- Over 20 years' experience in Club/Facility Management and Program Development
- Over 15 years' experience in coaching ATP & WTA Professional Players
- He has developed Players to achieve World Rankings, NCAA Div. I Championships,
Ivy League Rookie of the Year, #1 age division rankings and more

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