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Air Powered Batting Tee!

Softball Players Love The Hit Zone Air Tee!

The Hit Zone is a great training tool for softball players!

My daughter plays for her local high school softball team
and the community 16U traveling fastpitch team. The girls
love when I bring the Hit Zone to practice!

When the girls come to the Hit Zone station, I bet I can
strike them out! I have a variety of balls in the bucket.
Depending on how the the ball is placed on to the air tee
or the type of ball used, you get a little different look
with each "pitch". The girls can't just go through the
motions like they do on a standard tee - they really
have to pay attention! It's not unusal to get a strke or
two on them.

I'll take a look over at the tee station and the girls are
often chatting, texting, and goofing around.
The players
are lined up waiting for their opportunity to hit on the
Hit Zone!

Read What A Softball Coach Has To Say!

"The Hit Zone air tee is the best softball training aid
I have purchased in over 25 years of coaching softball.
With a regular baseball batting tee, the ball is always
in the exact same spot. With the air tee, the ball is
always moving a little bit just like a real pitch. Players
learn to watch the ball all the way to the bat.

The Hit Zone practice tee is also great for teaching
right handed batters to hit the inside pitch to the left
field and the outside pitch to right field and vice versa
for the lefties. The number one reason I love the Hit Zone
air tee is that the players think it is FUN! As a coach I
know I will always get more out of my players when they
are enjoying themselves."

Sean Hall
Director of Minnesota Sting Fastpitch Club
Head Coach at Lakeville North High School

hit zone hz-1b air tee for softball
Hit Zone Standard - Model HZ-1B
The Hit Zones for softball are the same as the Hit Zone for baseball.
Please visit the Detail page for a description of each unit.
hit zone air tee for softball
Includes A Free Dozen Balls!
softball air tee
Includes A Free Dozen Balls!
softball training aid
Includes A Free Dozen Balls!
Hit Zone Jr

Model B-500

A great choice for kids 2-8
Hit Zone Standard

Model HZ-1B

A great all around unit for
younger players up to adults
Hit Zone Deluxe
Model B3-HZBV

Perfect for teams,
centers, & the dedicated player

Hit Zone Jr

Hit Zone Standard

Hit Zone Deluxe

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