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Air Powered Batting Tee!

The Hit Zone Air Tee Is A Great Tool To
Introduce Your Kids to Tee Ball!

The Hit Zone air tee is a fantastic way to get your son or
daughter started in Tee Ball. The Hit Zone practice tee
will fascinate them with the way the ball spins in mid-air.
It's like magic! When they are having fun, they are going
to want to practice, practice, and practice some more!

The Hit Zone is easy to use! You or your child simply place
the practice ball onto the stream of air and swing away.
You can use a plastic bat and light weight training balls,
creating a fun and safe environment for your child to
practice. During the winter, they can even practice in
the basement!

It's important, even at this young age, to learn the
fundamentals. The Hit Zone air tee requires your child to
stay focused on the ball as it does move around. Kids also
get frustrated easily on a standard tee when they knock
it over or hit it. They often adjust their swing upwards or
downwards so they avoid hitting the tee when they should
be swinging on a level plane. Not a problem with the Hit
Zone. The air is delivered with a fabric sleeve. If their bat
hits the "tee", no problem, the bat swings right through it!

We have set up the Hit Zone a number of times at our kid's
school carnivals and the kids line up all day to try it. Even
the 2-3 year olds swing away. They love it!

If your kids ever tried the jump house air tee and loved it
- now they can have it in their own back yards!

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"The Hit Zone air tee has put the fun in fundamentals.
My son was already tired of hitting off an old fashion tee,
now it's an exciting part of our daily routine. Not only is
it a serious training tool, but it's also a fun family activity
for us. We have had so much fun with it, we have family
members calling us up to visit, saying "don't forget the
Hit Zone".

It has been the best investment we have made in our
son's baseball future. Money well spent!"

Kevin Harvison

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