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Air Powered Batting Tee!

The Hit Zone Air Tee Is An Incredible
Training Tool For Tennis!

The Hit Zone air tee for tennis is a phenomenal aid
for training. Tennis is such a run and hit sport that
many forget that more errors come from being out of
position than malfunctions in form. You hear coaches
say "feet" and "footwork" a lot, but the whole point
there is to be on the move and still land and set up
in the exact same position in relation to the ball and
achieve the same contact point.

Not only is the Hit Zone tennis practice tee a great
training tool for form and repetitive technique, but
I think there will be an enormous additional bonus
that allows a tennis player to truly measure exactly
where they should be in relation to the ball for the
perfect hit. Basically, the Hit Zone air tee offers a
ball hanging in mid air, allowing a tennis player to
essentially "freeze time," walk slowly up to the ball,
measure the proper distance and create a clear
mental image of that exact position in relation to
the ball.

Design your own drills, such as movement drills of
a player starting 10 feet in front of the Hit Zone,
quickly backing up, locking position and hitting,
running forward 15 feet, setting up and hitting,
then side to side, etc. etc.

The World famous Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
Uses 2 Of Our Hit Zone Deluxes In Their Training Program!

We've Perfected A Hit Zone That Is Sure To be A Hit With Your Player!

All Tennis Hit Zones Now Come With A Dozen Gamma Foam Tennis Balls!
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Hit Zone Jr


Hit Zone Standard - Tennis


Hit Zone Deluxe - Tennis
Hit Zone Jr
Model T-500

A great choice for kids 3-7
Hit Zone Standard
Model HZ-1T

A great all around unit for
young players up to adults
Hit Zone Deluxe
Model T-3HZBV

This is the unit that
10&U coaches prefer!
Great for tennis clubs too!
Click Here For Detailed Info On Each Unit

Benefits Of The Hit Zone Air Suspension Tee:
s The Hit Zone air tee makes practice fun again!
s The ball is suspended in air - no worries about hitting the tee!
s Swing right through the sleeve, you'll hardly notice it's there!
s You can practice by yourself - No one has to hit the balls to you!
s Light weight and compact - making it easy to bring everywhere.
s Spinning and movement of ball replicate a real a real shot.
s Set up in the driveway or basement and practice at home!

Teach pros and their students love training with our Deluxe unit!
The variable speed control allows you to run the unit at a lower and
quieter speed when working with the foam balls. The kids can't wait
to practice on the Hit Zone! See below for what coaches have to say!
hit zone tee hz-1t
Model HZ-1T

Please visit our Q&A page for more details on each unit.
Feel free to call us at 1-844-HITZONE!

Hit Zone Tennis Testimonials
I recommend the Hit Zone for anyone who is looking to "groove" their ideal
swing path and get a better understanding of what their body is doing during
each swing."The Hit Zone has been fantastic with our kids! Both kids and pros alike
love what it brings to the lessons and everyone is looking for a way to incorporate it
into what they're doing. I recommend the Hit Zone for anyone who is looking to
"groove" their ideal swing path and Get a better understanding of what their body
is doing during each swing."

Elliott Pettit
Ten & Under Tennis Programs Lead
USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

Q&A With Elliott - Click Here

"I find Hit Zone to be a great product and have recommended it to other
coaches. We use it regularly within our Teddy Tennis Program. I also use in with my
beginner to novice/intermediate level players. Hit Zone is great to use if you are
focusing on technique online-up to the contact point.

The Hit Zone is by far the best teaching aid to help a player develop
proper stances, spatial awareness to the contact point, and proper swing paths.
OurTeddy Tennis Program uses the Hit Zone daily. The children, aged 2 ½ - 6,
remain focused on the ball and refer to the Hit Zone as the "Magic Machine". The
children and the Coaches just love using the Hit Zone. Having the ball "floating"
lets a player swing on their terms, when they are ready, and never having to
rush a swing. This enables proper technique to develop much more quickly.
Hit Zone is for any age player looking for a fun way to practice hitting a tennis ball.
I highly recommend it!"

Christopher Pucci
USPTA, PTR Certified Tennis Professional
General Manager of the Tri-State Teddy Tennis Franchise
CourtSense Coach, Tenafly, NJ

Q&A With Christopher - Click Here

I provide private Tennis Lessons to young children to High School Students
who play for their school. I had purchased a HitZone Deluxe and this is the best
teaching aid I have ever used. I have several teaching aides from Ball Throwing Machines
to Long Poles. When I discovered that HitZoneProShop.com was selling a 14" Nylon
Sleeve along with a 9" Sleeve. I contacted Mark and immediately received both
new sleeves. I just love the 14" Sleeve because it allows me to suspend the ball
higher. What is doubling nice is the PROMPT service that Mark provides. He accepts
Credit Cards or PayPal and he keeps you informed with the progress of your order.
This is the place to check for your athletic training needs.

Douglas Woo

I am a PTR certified tennis instructor working in a United States Tennis
Association Early Development Training Center pilot program. One of the
traditional methods used to teach students proper feet positioning and
racquet contact point is to position students next to an orange cone with a
tennis ball sitting on top of the cone. After seeing a student hitting the cone
and knocking it over while trying to make contact with the tennis ball
I wondered if anyone had ever thought of developing a product as revolutionary
as the Hit Zone. As soon as I found the Hit Zone I knew I the Hit Zone
would be an invaluable Tennis teaching aid.

The Hit Zone Deluxe will handle all the new quick start tennis balls making
it ideal for teaching even the youngest players proper foot positioning and
tennis racquet to ball contact point. The kids who I had hitting balls from the
Hit Zone were very focused and having a great time! I could see the accelerated
learning! It is going to be so much easier and rewarding for new players to learn
how to hit a tennis ball properly from the Hit Zone compared to hand feeding
balls while eye hand coordination is being developed. Anyone will be able to |
work on improving stroke technique for lifting the ball on forehands and
backhands as well as learning to make slice backhand approach shots
just to name a few!

Stuart Cobb
PTR Certified Tennis Professional
Cardio Tennis Certified Professional
e what they had to say!

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