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The Hit Zones For Tennis

We've done our best to tell you a little about each of the units so you can make an informed
decision on which unit is best for your family or training facility. Feel free to also visit our FAQ page
where you will find more information.

We have also made a short video showing a variety of balls that work well on the different units.
In addition to the balls shown, feel free to experiment with others you might have. Most light
weight training balls will work.

If you still have questions, feel free to call us at 1-844-HITZONE (448-9663)
We love talking Hit Zone!

Big News! All Three Models Now Come With A Dozen Free Gamma Foam Balls!
(You can add an additional dozen with the drop down menu for each unit)

hit zone t-500 air tee for tennis
$144.99 Comes With A Dozen Gamma Foam Balls

Hit Zone Jr

Hit Zone Jr - Model HZ-T500

The Hit Zone Jr is a great unit for kids in the 3-6 range.
2 Year olds love it too! The ball floats at about the right
height for players in this age group. We also include a
bonus 14.5 inch sleeve, so your player will be able to
continue using the Jr unit as they get older.

The Jr model comes with 12 Gamma foam training balls.
This ball works very well, they are inexpensive, and they are
softer than a standard tennis ball. This unit also works well
with the over sized foam training balls from Gamma or Penn.
See examples on right. It will not hold a standard tennis ball.

The Hit Zone Jr only weighs about 5 pounds. It is light and
compact, making it easy to bring up to the local courts.
This is also a great model to practice at home with. You
can set it up in the driveway, the garage, or the basement
during the winter. It works well to buy a baseball or golf
net that the player can hit into.

It operates on a standard 110V outlet. When using
outside, be sure to use a GFI outlet.

When used by younger kids, adult supervision is recommended.

Technical Specs:
HITZONE "JR" Tennis Practice Tee. Body Of Steel Power
Unit Assembled with 500 Watt, .75 PHP, 120 Volt Motor
and 12' Grounded Power Cord. Produces 70 CFM.
Includes: Plastic Base, 2 Gamma Practice Balls and Fabric
Sleeve w/Hose Clamp.

hit zone jr air tee t-500
Model HZ-T500 - $144.99

Using a Gamma training ball

Using a Penn oversized ball

gamma tennis ball for the hit zone
gama foam ball for the hit zone air tee

hit zone hz-1t
$169.99 Comes With A Dozen Gamma Foam Balls

Hit Zone Standard - Tennis

Hit Zone Standard Model HZ-1T

This is a great unit for younger players up through adults.
If you have a kids that range in age from young to teens,
this is a good unit to cover all the bases. The ball might
float a little too high for real young kids, but for 5-7 years
olds, you should be fine.

This unit has a fixed air flow speed, so the ball will tend
to float at around the same height. Some of the coaches
I've heard from place the Hit Zone on an upside down ball
bucket if they want to practice at a taller height.

You will also be receiving the bonus 14.5" sleeve so you can
float the ball about 6 inches higher.

This unit comes with 2 Gamma foam tennis training balls.
This is the recommended ball for use on this unit. The air
flow is too strong for use with the over sized foam balls.
It will not work well with real tennis balls.

If you have baseball/softball players in your household,
this unit works great for practicing their hitting too!

The Standard unit weighs about 7 pounds and easily fits
into an equipment bag, making it easy to bring to the
local courts. The Hit Zone also makes it easy to practice
at home! You just need to be able to plug it in to a 110V
outlet. Be sure to use a GFI protected outlet outdoors.

Technical Specs:
HITZONE "STANDARD" Tennis Practice Tee. Body Of
Steel Power Unit Assembled with 950 Watt, 1.3 PHP,
120 Volt Motor and 12" Grounded Power Cord. Produces
85 CFM. Includes: Heavy Duty Plastic Base, 2 Gamma
foam practice Balls and Fabric Sleeve w/Hose Clamp.


tennis player- hit zone hz-1b air tee for tennis
Model HZ-1T - $169.99

gamma tennis ball for the hit zone
The Gamma foam tennis ball is the only ball
that works well on this unit

hit zone t3-hzbv tennis air tee
$279.99 Comes With A Dozen Gamma Foam Balls

Hit Zone Deluxe - Tennis

Hit Zone Deluxe W/ Variable Speed Control

Model T3-HZBV

The Hit Zone Deluxe air tee is a great unit for teams, camps,
and training facilities. At the same time, a lot of parents
buy this unit for the added power and flexibility the air
volume control gives them.

The Deluxe unit has a 4 HP motor with a control knob
that allows you to adjust the power of the air flow. The
variable speed control allows you to use a variety of
balls. A lot of coaches and teaching pros use the over sized
foam balls when working with young kids. You can turn the
unit way down so it runs quieter. The Gamma foam training
ball also works very well. The quick Start balls and a
standard tennis ball will work, but they are a little trickier
because of the fuzz. It is best to use worn balls with less
fuzz. Also, please watch the video on the right for a quick
tutorial on using the Deluxe unit.

As with the Standard unit, you can also change the height
of the ball by using the bonus 14.5 inch sleeve and by
using a variety of different balls.

This unit weighs about 9 pounds.

Technical Specs:
HITZONE "DELUXE PLUS" Baseball Practice Tee with
VARIABLE CONTROL. Body Of Steel Power Unit Assembled
with 1200 Watt, Twin Fan, 4.0 PHP, 120 Volt Motor, and
12' Grounded Power Cord Produces 130 CFM. Includes:
Durable Plastic Base, 2 Dimpled Plastic Practice Balls and
Fabric Sleeve w/Hose Clamp.


hit zone t3-hzbv tennis air tee
Model T3-HZBV - $279.99

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