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Whether They Are Pro's, Coaches,
Or Young Players - They All Love
The Hit Zone Air Tee!

raul ibanez hit zone testimonial

"The Hit Zone is a revolutionary invention
that will help hitters of all ages create
and maintain good swing habits. I highly
recommend it!"

Raul Ibanez
Pro Baseball Slugger

"When it comes to training elite level
athletes, the Hit Zone is the most sport
specific piece of equipment in its class
and the only one I recommend to my

Dr. David R. Holmes

"I can not thank you enough for what
the Hit-Zone has done and is doing for
my two high school boys and my
traveling team.The look in the players
eyes says it all. They are being challeng-
ed and having fun at the same time.
The level of concentration is raised along
with the players eye hand coordination.
The Hit-Zone is a great developmental
hitting tool for all ages. Players just flock
to it as soon as we turn it on.

The evolution of the tee to hitting stick
to the amazing Hit-Zone is fantastic.
There is no question on the importance
of hitting off a tee. Along came the hitting
stick which freed coaches with the use of
a movable tee. Now with the Hit-Zone, tee
work has taken a huge leap forward in
player development. The Hit-Zone may in
fact be so innovative that the way we
approach and look at our training and
warm-ups most certainly will change.

Look out players and coaches - it's time
to have fun again!"

Don Gaylord
Eagan Traveling Baseball Coach

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Hear What The 2013 NL Batting Champ
Michael Cuddyer Has To Say About
The Hit Zone!
(Sorry Todd Keeps Saying "Ya" "Ya" "Ya")

frank rodriguez hit zone testimonial

"good to see Jamie giving back to the
youth and the great game of baseball.
In a world of gimmicks and half thought
out ideas, Jamie has captured something
so simple and made it challenging. His
product and workshops are something
that is taught and worked on in my house
hold. My son Elijah works hard at his game
and has increased his skills with the Hit Zone.
Great teammate, great baseball mind."

Frankie Rodriguez
Former Pro Baseball Pitcher

"I used the tee this weekend at a Sting
Practice, Lakeville Youth Clinic and as a
pre-game station for my dome team that
was playing in Plymouth. Everyone loved it.
It really adds some excitement and really
gets the girls to focus."


"I am the P.E. teacher for my school.
The kids love the Hit Zone Tees. I set them
up and used them for striking with bats already
(kids had a blast). Next I will be setting up
the tee for tennis"
em up to use for my tennis unit."

Jon J.

We have used it in the cage and on the field. It
is more game like with the ball rotating as it is
suspended. This simulates a thrown fastball. We
videoed players using the hit zone and were able
to analyze their swing better than with video of
soft toss, etc. because of the suspended ball.

Also, we used it on the field at home plate. This
allowed for hitting practice to be fielding practice
as well. Players really like it. Being a long time coach,
I've learned that if teen age players like something,
they usually get more out of it!

Coach Terry Coker.
Wartburg Central High School

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