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Hit Zone Air Tee Tips & Tricks

There are a lot of fun and creative ways to get the most out of your Hit Zone air tee. This is a new page,
so we will be adding more tips & tricks shortly! Once it warm up in Minnesota, we will be adding some videos
to compliment our suggestions.

Here Are some Good Tips & Tricks To Get You Started!
Try a variety of balls.

A good way to get the look of a number of pitches is to have a variety of balls in your practice bucket.
You can take a look at some of the balls that work well on the Hit Zone on our details page. Balls of different
shapes, sizes, and weights will react a little differently. Just about any lighter weight ball will work. Feel free to
experiment with all different types!

You can get several different effects by the way you place the ball on to the Hit Zone!

- Try dropping the ball from about 10-12 inches above the top of the sleeve. The ball will bounce up and down
giving it the soft toss look. Try to hit it while it's bouncing!

- Put a spin on the ball as you place it into the stream of air and it will really get spinning!

- Set the ball into the stream of air with out putting a spin on it. You'll get the look of a knuckle ball or a change
up as the ball jiggles around with no spin.

Here's a great trick discovered by a local softball coach!

Round up some plastic colored balls like those shown on the right. Pick out two
colors. It takes a few minutes of practice, but you should be able to get both balls
to float at the same time. They will move around and switch places with each other.
Call out a color for your player to hit and then follow up by hitting the 2nd ball.
They'll both stay airborne for a few seconds, so you have to act quickly!

I'll be adding a video showing this trick shortly.


You can buy these at Walmart.

If you have discovered a cool tip or trick, let us know and we'll post it to this page!

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