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Introducing the Hit Zone JR - Only $144.99!

hit zone jr model HZ-B500

Hit Zone® JR. is the perfect way to develop skills for your
future star. All the benefits of our standard model, sized for
the junior ball player. However, don't let the JR name fool
you. This unit works great for the little kids just starting
out up to the seasoned veterans.

A fabric sleeve delivers a stream of air that floats a training
ball in mid-air. If the player's bat hits the "Tee" - no big deal
- their bat will swing right through it. With a standard Tee,
the player is typically trying to avoid hitting the Tee, so they
will swing at an angle to miss it. Not any more! The player
can now concentrate on hitting the ball straight on. It makes
a lot more sense practicing to hit homers and line drives
rather than pop ups and grounders!

Younger players just starting out in tee ball are fascinated
with the ball hovering in mid-air. Right off the bat, the Hit Zone
encourages young players to keep their eye on the ball as it
floats and spins in mid-air. This is a great habit to get into!

Older players often feel they have "graduated" from the Tee
and they don't like to practice on it. We all know that Tee
practice is very important - even the Pro's hit on the Tee
every day. The Hit Zone brings the cool factor back
to practice.

Often players swing at an upward or downward angle in order
to avoid hitting the tee. Practicing to hit grounders or pop
ups is not a good way to train! Now that players do not have
to worry about hitting the "Tee", they can concentrate
on hitting the ball.

Hit Zone Jr Model HZ-B500

The new & exciting Hit Zone JR is a
great training tool for the Baseball,
Softball, and T Ball player in your home!

Great For All Ages!

Priced at only $144.99, the Hit Zone JR
puts the fun back into Tee practice!

Hit Zone Jr Model HZ-B500

"The Hit Zone JR has put the fun in fundamentals.
My son was already tired of hitting off an old fashion
tee, now it's an exciting part of our daily routine. Not
only is it a serious training tool but it's also a fun
family activity for us. We have had so much fun with
it, we have family members calling us up to visit,
saying "don't forget the Hit Zone". It has been the
best investment we have made in our son's
baseball future. Money well spent!"

Kevin H. (Proud father of the slugger shown above!)
McAlester, OK

What Type Of Balls Work
Best On The Hit Zone JR?

Most light weight training balls
will work on the Hit Zone JR.

It's fun to have a variety of balls
in the bucket. Depending on the weight,
shape, and the way you place the ball
onto the stream of air, the balls will react
and float at different heights. It's a great
way to simulate the look of a
real pitch!
Hit zone Jr Model -HZ-B500

Order Today!

The Hit Zone Jr will
make a great gift!

Only $144.99!

Hit Zone Jr - B500

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