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Hit Zone Pro Shop Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus #1
We Will Include A 14" Long Sleeve!

Your Hit Zone comes with a 9" long sleeve. We will also send you a 14" sleeve. This works
great if you have kids in your family that are different heights. It is also a great way to
practice with the ball floating a little higher in the air!
And if you are buying the Hit Zone Jr
for your young slugger, you can put the 14" sleeve away and use it down the road as your kid

Bonus #2
We will produce a fun 8x10 color photo of your tennis or ball player on the cover of a magazine!
See below for details.

Supply Us With A Photo


We'll Create A Really Cool Magazine Cover!

Every athlete loves a little recognition. What better way to reward their dedication
and hard work than to put them on the cover of BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, or TENNIS Pro Review!
This is a unique gift that they will treasure and show off to their friends.

Here's The Deal!
Purchase a Hit Zone tee from Hit Zone Pro Shop and we'll create an 8x10 color photo of
your kid on a magazine cover. If you have more than 1 kid who would love a cover, send
their photos too! We'll produce up to 4 covers.

We'll e-mail you the finished cover as a jpeg photo that you can easily print, share on Facebook, etc.

Ordering Your Cover Shots Is Simple!

1) Upon purchasing a Hit Zone, e-mail us a good quality photo(s) of your player(s)

2) Let us know the caption you would like - typically the player's name and
iiiiia short saying of your choosing

3) We'll complete your really cool magazine covers and e-mail them to you!

These Covers Also Make A Great Team Banquet Gift!
Team Special!
Receive up to 15 magazine cover photos for only $99.

To make the covers even more personal, you are welcome to
supply us with personalized tidbits to add to the side of the cover. Suggestions
include inside jokes, season memories, team record, big accomplishments, etc.

In addition, you can include the name of each player and coach and a personalized
line under that, such as Team MVP, Coach of the Year, etc.

8x10 Glossy photos will be shipped to you with FREE SHIPPING.

Here Is A Great Idea Where You Can Get The Covers For Free!
I can easily add the logo and name of one of your sponsors to the cover!
Or maybe one of the parents owns a company and would like a little PR.
Have them contribute the $99 and they can have a fun way to promote
their company every time the players proudly show off their cover!

Please contact me if you are interested in the Team Special!
Just fill out the form on the Contact Page.

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